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Seeing if I can cross-post from my Dreamwidth account.

JaneEspenson: I'm trying to figure out a way to live-blog the UK premiere of Torchwood Episode 3 today! I'm in a library! Hmm... I'll find a way!

JaneEspenson: I mean live-tweet, of course. It starts in about... hm... little over an hour and a half. I'll find a place!

JaneEspenson: @5plus7doc I have the episode, but can't make noise. No headphones! I'll head home, do it there.

JaneEspenson: @chris606 I'm home now, have ep all cued up on my computer. Ready to go!

chrispiers Chris Piers: Television Zombies Episode 171 now available. @JaneEspenson, Torchwood, True Blood and more.

JaneEspenson: Getting ready to Live-Tweet the UK premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 3, "Dead of Night". Not in UK? Hit play on DVR and pretend!

JaneEspenson: Oof -- I'm getting a lot of "try your tweet again later" messages. If I fall silent, that's what's going on.

JaneEspenson: @shiroihane It IS -- the first of mine.

JaneEspenson: nope -- on my computer.

JaneEspenson: @popedominic I'm in LA, where this ep aired last week, so I have it TiVo'd.

JaneEspenson: Five minutes. This is exciting. Now, I'm counting on you UKers to let me know when it comes on. I've got screen frozen on word "previously"

JaneEspenson: @plynn78 Yep -- come back when it's over!

JaneEspenson: @taskbaarchitect Only a few seconds, I think.

jtabrys aka Kabuki Gringo: @janeespenson Are we required to tweet with a British accent...mate?

JaneEspenson: Unfollow me if you don't want TW:MD ep 3 spoilers! Come back in an hour!

JaneEspenson: Perfect synch is impossible dream. It'll be close enough.

JaneEspenson: @HeyJacquiDey Yes.

JaneEspenson: @dduane Oooh! Hi Diane! Welcome!

JaneEspenson: @dan_yell21 Don't call me Shirley. Are we on yet?

JaneEspenson: Hitting play! Oooh!

JaneEspenson: Previously -- Ooh, I love how Oswald looks at everyone out of the side of his face.

JaneEspenson: This anchorwoman is good. She's clearly repulsed.

JaneEspenson: Newman.

JaneEspenson: Love Rex moving that gun around. Like it's a surgical tool.

JaneEspenson: Love this slidey edit thing. So old school.

JaneEspenson: Nice ear-ringy sound effect after the shot. Just noticed that!

JaneEspenson: Did you see how DISTINCTIVE that cell phone is? Nice trick so we can recognize it later.

JaneEspenson: Love the march. Those masks keep tricking my eyes -- keep thinking I see smiling ones mixed in.

JaneEspenson: 1906 -- Look at Esther taking note of that -- they haven't actually been TOLD about Jack yet.

JaneEspenson: Look at that chest -- bleahh.

JaneEspenson: He has a good point about the paint chips.

JaneEspenson: This scene is so long! Russell said to just let it be as long as it needed to be -- we need to start pulling for this team as a team.

JaneEspenson: There was something I loved here that I think got cut -- Jack spitting out a handful of "Chili Lime" flavor chips.

JaneEspenson: Yep. Lemonade here is uncarbonated. Sad.

JaneEspenson: Lynn, the woman at the airport -- that was Dichen. Love her and her twisty neck!

JaneEspenson: When Gwen hung that mask on the monitor, you could see it slip off -- it did that like a dozen times when they were filming.

JaneEspenson: "ancillary" is hard to say.

JaneEspenson: I love how Jack does the "steal a new car" joke -- it's a very old joke, so he says it with full consciousness of delivering a joke --smart.

JaneEspenson: I had Jack take that picture of Rex in my first draft. Lost it in rewrite, but Russell put it back in!

ellardent Andrew Ellard: Man, America is fucked *up*. RT @JaneEspenson: Yep. Lemonade here is uncarbonated. Sad.

JaneEspenson: We had so many versions of how to get into warehouse -- big decoy thing, with gates and alarms. This is so much more fun!

JaneEspenson: Rex loves painkillers! Yummy!

JaneEspenson: Doesn't John look good? Handsome man. Ohh... here it comes...

JaneEspenson: That Doctor Who joke amused Russell a lot. I didnt think they'd keep it!

JaneEspenson: I enjoy all this stuff about real-world implications. And MINTS! There's JIlly.

JaneEspenson: "end of the worldy" -- more of a Buffy line than Torchwood. Couldn't help myself.

JaneEspenson: Jack's DC apartment is so scabby -- the walls really are gross. I didn't even like leaning against the walls in the set.

JaneEspenson: This used to be a bigger sequence - -they ALL called old mentors and friends to set up meets. Then we realized it was overkill. Now better.

JaneEspenson: Look at all the steam. Film crews love steam. So atmospheric. It really does look good.

JaneEspenson: Rex knows how to poke at someone's sore spot.

JaneEspenson: @GKLeung On lot at Warner Brothers in LA.

JaneEspenson: Someone asked me what this song is. I don't know. Who does?

JaneEspenson: Russell wrote the "I'm so mortal" line. I'm jealous. Great line.

JaneEspenson: @ian_bishop Not too much -- ten percent?

JaneEspenson: Someone said that I clearly wrote Dr. Vera as a surrogate me. But actually, it's Esther -- most like me.

JaneEspenson: Although I wish I were a Gwen.

JaneEspenson: Dance Dance!

JaneEspenson: Remember, they had those on the bar at Cheers, too? AA chips.

JaneEspenson: I had a longer conversation with the bartender in an earlier draft. Talked about how all the clubs are super busy, running out of liquor.

JaneEspenson: I don't think that guard was very interested in keeping Oswald safe.

JaneEspenson: The preacher is quoting long Bible passage about immortality -- it's all really relevant stuff, actually.

JaneEspenson: Rex keeps doing this. Making demands then falling down. He did it in Wales too.

JaneEspenson: @RRjdunham Yeah. Better this way.

JaneEspenson: @MCal27 Yikes. I don't know.

JaneEspenson: Sexiness!

JaneEspenson: Condom reference -- didja notice? Responsible sexiness at Torchwood!

JaneEspenson: Whoa -- there was LOTS more sex in this than in version at comic con. If you saw it there you need to rewatch!

JaneEspenson: I love the look the woman gives as they're chased off -- more sad than angry. Some good acting there.

JaneEspenson: We had that line "Shouda run faster, Oswald" from the very beginning of talking about this episode.

JaneEspenson: Rex is about to poke a sore spot. Oh, Rex. He tries to be nice, I think.

JaneEspenson: I like this phone call. Middle of the night regrets.

JaneEspenson: They've traded places. He missing Ianto. Wants reassurance that he can handle mortality.

JaneEspenson: Oh, it's not at all about anything sexy between Jack and Gwen! That's a terrible misreading!

JaneEspenson: It's not a long flight from DC to Atlanta. Jilly is not actually in two places at once.

JaneEspenson: I love Ianto. Was happy to write an episode that got to address how important he was, how Jack misses him.

JaneEspenson: Someone's asking if Oswald is getting younger? Ha! No. Interesting idea, though!

JaneEspenson: Jack is re-energized. Sex and drink and mortality -- cleared away the cobwebs.

JaneEspenson: @KerrJMF No. She infers what he's thinking about.

JaneEspenson: Listen to the tranlation. "... RESENTING the Central Intelligence Agency.."

JaneEspenson: Jack has an instinctive feeling that Oswald is important.

JaneEspenson: Remember, at the beginning of the ep, Oswald was calling for free drugs. Wonder how PhiCorp feels about that.

JaneEspenson: Oh, I missed that moment, when Esther clocks that Rex and Vera have a thing. Poor Esther.

JaneEspenson: First draft, the man on the screen was Alan Alda as himself. "Hello. I played a doctor, but you are the real thing..." Seriously.

JaneEspenson: Torchwood has the best tech.

JaneEspenson: I love that characters can swear on Starz. He said Shit. *giggle*

JaneEspenson: So simple, that near-miss in the office, but it works.

JaneEspenson: Ooh look! Distinctive phone!

JaneEspenson: @LaynieDane Ha! Yes! Spinoff!

JaneEspenson: I mean, I loved "frak," but a little real swearing is fun.

JaneEspenson: Look at how that coat swoops when Jack climbs in window.

JaneEspenson: Russell wrote line about Oswald being delayed. I love it. So petty.

JaneEspenson: First draft -- Jack used coat wrapped around arm, broke window, left coat outside to pass as employee. Then we missed the coat. Rewrote.

JaneEspenson: Jack asking about whether you can move on past killing a child.

JaneEspenson: Searching for one thing... redemption? No!

JaneEspenson: I tweeted a photo from this set right before they shot it. Doughnuts on table.

JaneEspenson: "That's how it's done these days" -- RTD

JaneEspenson: Oswald is no longer in favor of free drugs.

JaneEspenson: @patanntaylor apologies. I put my heart into it.

JaneEspenson: Jack on the ground. Oswald on the rise.

JaneEspenson: Thank you, UK! See you next week for episode 4!!!!

JaneEspenson: @MollyAP @patanntaylor Yes. And not really romance with Brad either. Romance is still to come.

JaneEspenson: @Devilgoblins I don't have EP credit - that's Jane Tranter. But she's cool.

JaneEspenson: I now return you to regular Twitter! Thanks for the great comments!

JaneEspenson: @Ebeebee71 eps 5 and 7, and helped out with 8 and 10.

JaneEspenson: @tommyleeba That's right!

JaneEspenson: @Dazzinator Torchwood got them back. Gwen took 'em.

JaneEspenson: @MWM4444 They're flying from Atlanta to Dulles. On a jet.

JaneEspenson: @AirlockAlpha re: warehouse -- "Bigger on inside than outside"

JaneEspenson: @Chris_Gorham ha!!

JaneEspenson: ...not around the corner like you've heard.

JaneEspenson: @GregSorkin you bet your ass!

JaneEspenson: @KateComer kellys-- the chain. Dont know if it's good. But it's here. One at bev hills library.
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