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I usually don't do signal boosts simply because I have a focused and not-very-large f-list. But I thought this one was worth doing. It's pretty depressing and awful and has to do with rape so I'm putting most of it behind a cut.

If you don't click on the cut however, just take this one thing away: watch out for [personal profile] kynn / keeva on Dreamwidth.

Here's the post about it at unfunny_fandom. Here's the cap of the post where she tries to defend herself against the charges. It's pretty awful, because in doing so, she basically admits it, and uses all kinds of victim-blaming strategies -- including implied threats of suicide -- to try and deflect that fact. I'm warning anyone who clicks on that link and comprehends the whole thing... it's really, really disgusting.

A few more points:

1. As many have noted, it is very unlikely [profile] moofable  will press charges because his chances in court are low. Even "good victims" find it hard to press rape charges successfully, much less someone who is a trans man and in a poly relationship. So [personal profile] kynn will almost certainly face no real-world repercussions for this act, despite all the legal language she's throwing around.

2. I don't have any connections to anyone involved or share any communities. However, before I got on LJ last year, I was aware of kynn through Twitter. I was looking up accounts that posted about trans issues, and she was one of the ones that posted a lot. I didn't follow her under my old name because unlike other advocates, she struck me as incredibly vindictive in her attacks. She spent most of her time there blasting her ex-wife for not paying her enough alimony and attacking other trans women on Twitter, and I quickly decided I didn't want anything to do with her. Her style of communication came off as toxic and highly manipulative.

3. I really hesitated about posting anything because I don't want to contribute to unhealthy rubbernecking. But considering that [profile] moofable  has posted that it was a positive thing to come forward and name his rapist, I can't see how talking about this publicly harms the most important person involved, and it might help him, and help other people. I despise the anon comms on LJ (they crawl with racism and transphobia and junior high school level bullying) and I think one of the many bad effects they've had on public LJ discourse is that there's an idea that if the anon comms are talking about stuff, there's no need to talk about it publicly, because "everybody" reads the anon comms anyway. And you can talk about things there with no fear, no consequences. If you've been reading me for a while you know how I feel about that.

4. Just as general advice, please watch out for truly vindictive people online. I've been in my share of bitter arguments online and I don't blame anyone for scrapping, but the line for me is when people are consumed by grudges, deeply personal grudges, and try to manipulate other people into sharing those grudges... instead of letting go and disengaging and putting up a healthy boundary.

5. If anyone reads this who has a background similar to moofable's and would like to offer him support, please read his posts and see if you can help.

I'll take this post down immediately if I get a PM from moofable asking me to, of course. Otherwise I'm not really equipped to deal with feedback or more questions -- I don't know anything other than what I've linked to and mentioned in this post -- so comments are off here. As with anything public on which I turn comments off, feel free to PM or link or do anything you want about it.


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