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I'm feeling a little bereft of human warmth this morning!

The first ten minutes of this episode felt a bit choppy to me, but then the story hit its stride. I think the theme is "everyone tries hard but totally fucks up".

- Gwen and Rhys trying to get her dad out, and triggering a heart attack that gets him moved to Category One.

- Vera trying to help Torchwood and expose the overflow camp, but playing her cards too early and suffering a horrible fate.

- Rex glad that Vera is helping but not wanting her to get involved in the camp infiltration, she does anyway, and the results are terrible.

- Jack trying to persuade Oswald but misreading him very badly. [personal profile] chaneen has some great commentary on that.

- Esther trying to check up on Vera... too little, too late.

As soon as I saw the overflow camps and what they were doing with Category Ones, I immediately thought of the Phantasm movies. I'm honestly glad that the people were not being squashed into little beer kegs and shipped to a high-gravity planet in an alternate dimension for a life as monstrously misshapen slaves. In comparison to that, being burned alive sounds a bit nicer. Sorry, my brain works in disurbing ways. I will be horrified all over again, however, if it turns out their ash is somehow still sentient.

My husband and I are busy speculating what Phicorp's motivations are, whether the guy who talks to Jilly is triangle man and why triangle man has such a shitty low-res logo in the first place. He's a JFK conspiracist (this is one of our perennial disagreements, as I take the skeptical view that the assassination was exactly as simple as it seemed) and he has decided tonight that Oswald is a patsy because he's named after Lee Harvey Oswald.


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