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Here are a few things that came up later and surfaced in convos about this episode.

- The revelation at the end about burning didn't bother me, probably because I was steeling myself for something even worse. However, Vera personalized it for me. Even though I saw it coming, it still terrified me. I'd grown to love her as a character and I was rooting for her to make it through to the end, even though I didn't think it was all that likely.

- Maloney was totally over the top, like everything about Miracle Day. He was also totally believable. I've been sexually harassed by restaurant managers like him. Fucker. I hope something truly horrible happens to him by the end.

- I feel for everybody (except for Andy - still no reason to care about him). And they're all poised on the point of big changes as a result of all this trauma they're going through.

- The moment between Jack and Vera and Esther was so touching. He's changed from being the badass-in-charge to the... there's practically no gender-neutral way I can say this. To the princess. He's special and he has to be protected. The narrative role is fascinating. It reminds me a bit like Yorick in Y: The Last Man. There's this fascinating dynamic where Jack has all these strong women protecting him.  The gender dynamics are such the polar opposite of Moffat's disturbingly sexist reign on DW that it's not even funny.

- Rex and Vera. Sigh. They could have had something. OMG, it almost makes me want to write fix-it fic. I have been doing so little fic reading and writing recently because of our schedule on THH (got a major announcement coming up on Monday).

- I also don't understand, and have NEVER understood, complaints that Torchwood got too dark. The very first episode had a guy getting his throat bitten out, and then that fucking sex gas episode... there was massive redshirting going on all through S1 and S2 and life was presented overall as being very, very cheap. Deaths started counting for more in CoE, and MD is pretty much all about death and consequences, not death as plot device. So far MD is not as tightly paced as CoE, and the vision is not as strong, but I guess I'll have to wait until the end to make a final judgement. But it still has way more moral weight than the consequence-free deaths in S1 or S2. That reduces the entertainment value for many, but I don't see how it's darker. Dark for me means a world where death is more weightless.

And go read [profile] heddychaa's post on this episode, it's pretty amazing.
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