Jul. 5th, 2011

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As I mentioned in the voice post, I am a dumbass. For some reason, I thought the premiere was tomorrow. I was all prepared to go several hours early and wait in line in front of the theater for a good spot. Instead, I logged on to Twitter and saw some posts that the premiere was TODAY. Luckily, my husband took care of things at the house while I rushed out, jumped into my toaster-car and burned rubber down Ponce (an awful twisty road) and got there just in time. The tickets were all sold out, but the Starz people let me and a few other latecomers in anyway, and got a bench for us to sit on. But after our group, the theater was absolutely packed and they had to turn people away.

Spoilers. No huge plot spoilers... maybe a 5 or 6 on a 1 to 10 scale. )
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I've run across renewed criticism of Children of Earth in the last couple days, and one particular point strikes me as not terribly valid: that Jack was being cold to Ianto on Day One. Day Three, yes, but not Day One. I don't get it at all. The first time I saw Torchwood, I saw all the episodes in a row, S1 to Day Five, and I didn't know anything about fandom. I didn't even know who RTD was. He was just a name in the credits to me. And what I saw on Day One was a complicated relationship at a really, really complicated stage.

I went back to the transcripts and found the three crucial "couple" related interchanges:
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I personally think it's a beautiful poetic pattern that got set up and fulfilled there on Day Four. But even if you hate that pattern, I don't see how people can say that Jack never believed he and Ianto were a couple.


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