Jul. 13th, 2011

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This is my first post from unemployment! It's been a pretty amazing change, and mainly for the positive. I gave a long notice because I wanted to leave on the best terms possible, but the downside was that the last few weeks were almost agonizing as I saw the end approaching. I wanted to get the hell out so badly.  I'll miss a lot of the people at the job, though.

It's going to take a while to get the job I want in my new career field, but I've been saving up money slowly for five years in preparation for this, so I can afford to wait out the whole rest of this year, if that's necessary.

I have extra time for my kids, I do more cleaning stuff around the house (my husband has done the great majority of chores for the last decade) and I get to write. A lot! We burned through the rest of the penultimate chapter last night. I'm really excited about it. Everything we carefully planned is coming together at last (in more ways than one, since it's mainly a sex scene, haha).

I'm pessimistic about developing my ribbon idea for raising awareness of Georgia immigration issues and the anti-HB 87 boycott for Dragon*Con attendees. I just don't think the social dynamics on LJ are conducive to this sort of stuff. I'll just keep an eye on things off-LJ and participate that way and link here from time to time.

My sleep schedule is messed up right now, unfortunately. I woke up at 4 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep and I'm feeling a bit queasy.  I'll adjust. I need to start working exercise into my schedule, for the sake of my back, which is still not that well, although nowhere near the levels of pain I was experiencing a few months ago. 

I've downloaded all the Torchwood radio plays (fuck region blocking!) and I'm really, really looking forward to listening to them. I also got Dance with Dragons in the mail. Damn, it's heavy. The one absolutely non-postponable piece of media this week is Miracle Day Ep 2 on Friday, however. We're hoping to finish the first draft of the entire book by then.


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