Jul. 22nd, 2011


Jul. 22nd, 2011 08:18 pm
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Thanks to everyone for putting up with my anti-HP spasm yesterday. Things have been moving quickly and mostly I'm feeling very positive. The attack on Oslo is horrible news though, and I'm on the edge of my seat about the budget debate. Medicare and Medicaid are pretty much the number one political issue for me because the lives of several family members really depend on them, and I don't support cuts to them in any respect and I've done my best to make that clear to all my political representatives up the chain to Obama.

In SDCC news, I used to get a good funny feeling in my stomach when I looked at shirtless pictures of Jason Momoa (are there any other kind?) But after his "joke" at SDCC, that's turned into a bad bad bad funny feeling. I'm so disappointed in him. I don't hold actors to higher standards of behavior, but by any standard of behavior what he said was fucking disgusting. I'm not even going to repeat it -- it's Googleable -- I'm so disgusted by it. Damn it.

However, I'm super excited about MD tonight. And because we FINISHED OUR NOVEL last night, I feel like I really have enough mental space to enjoy it properly. Not only did we finish our novel last night, this afternoon we solved a vexing editing issue with the dynamic of our problem Chapter 19.

I saw the super secret special trailer today for MD, and vague spoilers )
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This episode felt so strange, so all over the place, but in the right way, because all the characters (at least, all the ones I empathize with, not Jilly and Oswald) were all out of place and so was the world.

Some spoilers and includes some highly disturbing subject material covered in show )


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