Jul. 23rd, 2011

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My favorite quotes from Torchwood in Ten Minutes this week:


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From Change.org:

Raquel Nelson of metro Atlanta faces up to 3 years in jail after her child broke from her side and ran in front of a driver who may have been impaired. It was outrageous that a jury convicted her. It is more outrageous that the Solicitor prosecuted her to begin with.

She's facing a three-year jail sentence for being black, poor, and a mother. Cobb County has some of the most racist law enforcement in the country (I already posted here about the two Cobb County policemen beating up the Latino guy for the crime of driving a bicycle while looking Latino) but this is just below their horrendously low standard. Please read and sign the petition.  More details about civil rights group involvement are here.

I also wanted to note that transportational racism is a huge, huge issue in the Atlanta metro area, which Marietta is a part of (it's the northwestern exurban area). The rich white Republicans who rule the outer northern exurbs constantly fight against improving public transportation and pedestrian safety. Atlanta is the only major metropolitan city in the country whose public transport is completely unfunded at the state level.  They're like parasites sucking the life and happiness out of Atlanta and directly endangering my future and my childrens' future. These are the same people that sit in judgment on Raquel Nelson for running just a few steps too slowly to save her son's life.  Damn, this case makes me mad. Comments off.


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