Jul. 24th, 2011

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My son is dying to see this move, of course. I'm incredibly paranoid about taking him to see big blockbuster movies because of messages about violence, women and race. For example, he can watch Transformers cartoons, but the movies are completely out of the question.

WWII is a difficult subject for my family, mainly because half of them were on the right side and the other half weren't. My grandfather died on a Japanese battleship sunk by the US Navy.  I do love super-realistic takes on the period, but sometimes they overwhelm me emotionally. I've never seen Grave of the Fireflies, for example; I just don't think I could handle it. And I actually had to walk out of the theater halfway through Letters from Iwo Jima. Not because I disliked it, it just affected me too strongly. Plus I spent a lot of my childhood having other kids blame me, personally, for WWII.

So I was doing some research on the new Captain America movie, because I'm understandably nervous. My first stop is usually commonsensemedia. Nothing about race, or if there are any Japanese at all. Then I checked angryasianman and found this: captain america trailer: kenneth choi, howling commando. What a relief. I can take my kid to see this movie after all, and even use it to teach him something positive about Asian-American history. 

As a side note, it doesn't bother me in the slightest that a non-Japanese-American is playing a Nisei soldier. This kind of cross-ethnic casting has never bothered me. It's my opinion that there are few enough roles for Asian-Americans that we shouldn't have to deal with particular restrictions that actors of white ethnicities don't have to deal with.  Go Kenneth Choi/Jim Morita!


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