Jul. 29th, 2011

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I had a belated birthday present from my mom last week: free eyeliner tattooing due to some half-off internet group coupon thingie (it's complicated, but my mother's on more social media than I am). I was looking forward to it. I already have some big-ass tattoos, so I figured, how painful could a tiny little line be?


My Captain America review (has spoilers) )

Other than that, it wasn't really awful. But there was so much missed potential.

I'm going to try to switch to Deepest Sender from now on to write (I'm sick of LJ's godawful interface that eats half my posts) and post to Dreamwidth so it gets pushed out to LJ. I'm not interested in abandoning LJ yet, despite the horrendous problems of last week, and I'm just backing things up. I'm already very familiar with Blogger and Wordpress and I'd rather stay here for a lot of my stuff. However, I'm starting up a bunch of new social media accounts under My Awesome Pen Name which is still sort of secret until we go live with our book website. I've decided to go the Google Sites plus embedded free Wordpress blog for that. I know enough graphic design to make simple sites look decent, I want to keep our initial investment low, and there are also huge time-saving advantages when it comes to going the hosted route.

Right now we're edited 75% of the book, and we've started on the synopsis. We're also working on alternate titles. We should be ready to start submitting within the next month. It's pretty exciting.

Good news here, by the way... Raquel Nelson is free! Thank you everyone who signed that petition I linked! I want to stress that she was not acquitted. A jury (NOT of her peers) actually found her guilty. But the judge used good judgement and didn't sentence her, and is even giving her the chance for a new trial to clear her name.

I'm doing a lot of political stuff this weekend, and on Monday, on the budget debate before the final deadline. I'll just say I'm terrified of either Medicare or Medicaid being cut and I am doing everything I can to prevent that.

Lastly I would encourage anyone interested in the Oslo terrorist's connection to global right-wing extremism to visit the SPLC Hatewatch blog. They always have really good coverage on this stuff.

I wish I had a pained, puffy-eyed David Bowie mood icon.

TORCHWOOD EP FOUR TONIGHT OH YEEEEEAAHHHH. I saw a pic of Gwen with an updo and a tight dress, and she looked amazing.
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I came up with this last week, inspired by the fanfic popularity formula by [personal profile] mithrigil. This one's a lot simpler. It only has four factors. I plugged all the popular slash pairings fro the top of my head into it, and the results seem to align pretty well with my intuitive sense of popularity. The bottom rows have, for point of comparison, an unpopular slash pairing. I was wondering why Loras/Renly got so much less fic than Robb/Jon (not that GoT is a fic-heavy fandom anyway) but my checklist explains exactly why.

A lot of these shows I haven't seen (e.g. Supernatural, Merlin, Glee) but I'm judging by fannish osmosis and people on comms like [community profile] fanficrants posting about them.

Pairing Fandom White? Fit Asshole / Woobie Dynamic? Brothers? Canon Pair?
Jack/Ianto Torchwood
Sam/Dean Supernatural
McKay/Sheppard SGA

Xavier/Magneto X-Men First Class

Thor/Loki Thor
Kurt/Blaine Glee

Arthur/Eames Inception

Doctor/Master Doctor Who
Jack/Doctor Doctor Who
Arthur/Merlin Merlin

Brian/Justin Queer As Folk
Robb/Jon Game of Thrones

Loras/Renly Game of Thrones

I'd like to note that I'm not making judgements as to which pairings are actually, objectively, asshole/woobie formula-fitters. I'm just checking them off if a lot of people write fanfic based on that pairing and a lot of the fanfic uses the asshole/woobie dynamic.  I tried to think of any powerhouse slash pairing without white guys, but I couldn't come up with any. There's Troy/Abed from Community and Gus/Shawn from Psych, but I'm not aware of any large amount of fic that actually concentrates on them having a sexual relationship.

The Doctor and the Master aren't really brothers, but being raised together and having the amount of backstory together that they do, I figured they were as close to brothers as Timelords get.

I count at least ONE sincere on-screen kiss or other PDA as evidence of canon pairing. So Jack/Doctor just barely squeaks in under those qualifications.

I could be wrong about a lot of the checkmarks; please don't take this for any sort of science!  It's just some geeky fun.  Although it is a bit weird and disturbing to lay it all out so plainly like this.

Scored Version

Pairing Fandom White? Fit Asshole / Woobie Dynamic? Brothers?
Canon Pair?
Jack/Ianto Torchwood 4 3
1 8
Sam/Dean Supernatural 4 3 2

McKay/Sheppard SGA 4 3
Xavier/Magneto X-Men First Class 4 3
Thor/Loki Thor 4 3 2

Kurt/Blaine Glee 4

1 5
Arthur/Eames Inception 4 3

Doctor/Master Doctor Who 4 3 2
Jack/Doctor Doctor Who 4 3
Arthur/Merlin Merlin 4 3

Brian/Justin Queer As Folk 4 3
1 8
Robb/Jon Game of Thrones
4 3 2
Loras/Renly Game of Thrones 4

1 5


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