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[ profile] plutokitty 's idea is so, well, awesome that I think I have to steal it.  Here's her Awesome Bingo:

Also... I've been totally envious of people playing the -bingos like Kink and HC bingo, but I'm not feeling kinky and I'm not a huge h/c fan. SO! I thought I might make up my own bingo card--with prompts from YOU!

I feel sort of the same way. I don't enjoy the idea of filling a bingo card with all of one particular genre. But the whole package of aspiration and accomplishment is quite appealing!

Care to give me prompts? I'll need 24 of them.  Then I'll update this post with my bingo card, link to it on the sidebar and start filling them. I have no idea if I'll end up doing all of them, or what the length or delivery date is going to be, but I'm going to at least try for a pattern.  After I write my h_p fic, that is. 

I'm sure I won't get 24 prompts right now, but I'll just keep adding to them as I go along.  You can also give me multiples if you want :D The only restriction is that they have to be fairly short so that they'll fit in the bingo square, so no more than... ten words maybe?

I'll write most anything (or at least give it a try) except h/c, mpreg, AUs where Jack is Ianto and Ianto is Jack, and vampire spanking.

ETA: Awesome Bingo prompt stage is complete so I have to close prompts now. Thanks for adding! As soon as I complete any fic, I'll link to it from the bingo card below.

Office pranksFamous Historical Figure as Rift VictimSlice of LifeMoral imperativeAlien tech
Mistaken identityTime crunchDivergenceFictional Character as Rift VictimBoeshane culture
XenolinguisticsSpring CleaningWILD CARDVelociraptor AttackPsychic plastic surgeons
Going Undercover (spy vs spy)Star-gazingSocial Network ShenanigansLost itemAlien Tourists
The end of an eraTime LoopSign readingMermaidsEmployee Review


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