Jan. 27th, 2011

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I finally bit the bullet and got a paid livejournal account.  I was distracted by the icons.

I don't know if this Change.org petition is going to help, but at least it raises awareness of the issue of for-profit colleges ripping off students. I hate those places so much. I used to work for one a while back. It was eeeeeevil.

I'm not talking about trade schools that give students real skills and realistic expectations about job placement. I mean the big chain schools that run the crappy ads promising you a job at NASA. Most of their budget goes to marketing, and they aggressively target minorities, immigrants who don't speak English well, and anyone in the military.  They give people a substandard education that many employers don't respect, and encourage students to take on massive student loans which usually get defaulted on, so they're screwing over taxpayers as well as students and teachers.

There are lots of decent schools out there, especially community colleges, that offer online or night education so that you can still get a degree with a full-time job. And they do it at a fraction of the price that a place like Kaplan charges.

Technoviking does not approve.

Lots of S4 shooting news here! Alun Vega is hardcore.  Plus a blurry photo of JB from Twitter.


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