Feb. 11th, 2011

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I've been watching bits of Egypt footage. It's quite exciting. The wonderful part is that the Egyptians accomplished all this change without too many people dying. Of course, it's terrible that people were killed in some of the clashes, but it could have been so much more violent.

I'm very happy I finally finished posting Strangers When We Meet. Posting multi-chapter fics on LJ is awful in terms of the HTML processing. It's the worst blogging platform ever.  I doubt I'll get a lot of comments on the fic (and that's not me fishing, I swear... just commenting on the conditions of the fish pond!) but I've been writing long enough now that I know the environment and I'm totally okay with that.  According to this hilarious post -- "Factors Which May Increase or Decrease The Amount of People Who Read Your Fic" -- a fic where Jack spends a lot of the time hanging out with old ladies would result in a low value for X.  I'm really happy with it, though: I got what I wanted done, it's the longest thing I've ever written, and I learned a lot writing it and getting it betaed.  One thing I wanted to practice, for example, was the slow-build-up-then-burst-of-action kind of plot pacing.  Also, on a more emotional level, I love, love, love filling in Jack backstory.

Less than a week to Gallifrey. It's going to be so fun. The logistics are going to be weird, though. I might need to take some Sominex or something to try to sync up my sleep schedule to West Coast time.  I think I've complained about that before here. It gives you the nastiest ickiest drooliest sleep ever, but it works.

Work is awful. Family stuff is difficult but we're holding up.

The Write Badly Well blog started up again! I love this entry: "Base your plot on unsupported assertions". He basically sums up the entire plot of "The Twilight Streets" in one paragraph. Man, that book sucked.  Speaking of Torchwood books, I'm still stuck halfway through "Pack Animals" which seems to get stupider by the page. I'm really not into h/c. I'll read it if it's short, or if the writer is really good, but to be honest, on any long h/c fic I'm skimming the majority of it to get to the sex at the end. And Pack Animals has Ianto being comforted for being naked and invisible, and then naked invisible Ianto comforts Jack who has a hurt foot and rolls him around in a wheelchair so I guess it looks like Jack's wheelchair is motorized even though it isn't. ARGH.

I have the Alice Guppy ficlet written and I'm rolling around some other ideas to get started on. Here's a little clue! Muahahaha. Also, I think I'm going to do the 30 Days of Torchwood Meme. Are you supposed to post these things day by day? I probably can't do that.


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