Feb. 28th, 2011

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I went to the Save the American Dream rally at the Georgia state capitol with my kids and my mom to show support for unions in Wisconsin. Attendance was pretty good for a state like Georgia with weak unions. We couldn't stay long to hear speeches, though.

There was a tiny counterprotest across the street of about 15 people, and they were... odd. They waved American flags and made "baa-ing" noises like sheep (I suppose implying that union supporters were sheep).  One women yelled at us through a loudspeaker, "NOBODY IS IRREPLACEABLE." It gives me a headache thinking of the kind of mentality it takes to get behind a slogan like that. Not to mention the "fuck teachers, police and firefighters, what do they do that's so important anyway" mentality.

Seriously, "nobody is irreplaceable" is like some Darth Vader or Doctor Doom type message. I know these people feel resentful of "special privileges" union members get, but they're the kind of things that have benefited everyone who works in this country, union or not... little things like "the weekend", for example. 

I'll also pass on the boycott list for Koch Industries, the Darth Vader/Doctor Doom type brothers who are puppet-mastering Walker in Wisconsin.

U.S. Product Boycott List
* Vanity Fair
* Quilted Northern
* Angel Soft
* Sparkle
* Brawny
* Mardi Gras
* Dixie
European Product Boycott List
* Demak'Up
* Tenderly
* Nouvelle Soft
* Okay Ktchen Towels
* Colhogar
* Delica
* Inversoft
* Tutto


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