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Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:36 am
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@kamiandcat: Jackless #Torchwood novel=the last hint that people who think the show is still about him should start looking 4 a place 4 their own shrine

There's a group of about 10 people who constantly spam S4-bashing messages on the #Torchwood stream, and though I've mostly trained myself to edit them out, when I saw the above tweet, it hit my last nerve.  There are just so many assumptions embedded in the message.

1) That I'd be disappointed that the new post-CoE pre-MD novels coming out this year don't mention Jack. Presumably, he's off somewhere in space. Honestly, I was so excited that we're getting more tie-in novels, and by the more decent writers too (as much as James Goss and his sexism and crappy endings piss me off, he's a lively stylist, and Guy Adams wrote my favorite tie-in) that I didn't even think about that.

2) That the show isn't about Jack, it's about Gwen (a constant talking point of theirs) and I'm supposed to be angry at RTD over this. Again, I don't care. Torchwood is a television show with two leads; it's that simple. There's no one single thing or person it's "about". If the show was just Jack whipping his hair back and forth for an hour it'd be watchable but kind of boring.

3) That RTD wants to kill off Jack, and that I should also be upset about this. I won't say "I don't care." If this happened, I'd probably stop watching, and hell yes, I'd be sad. But it's also RTD's right. And I trust RTD to write Jack in a compelling way up to and including his end.  Besides, I'm one of those fans who's sad that Jack might turn into the Face of Boe. A part of me wants a happy ending for Jack where he gets what he wants (which I think is to become mortal) and has an awesome family and dies of old age in his bed, but if he has some other sort of tragic death, it wouldn't be the worst outcome and it certainly wouldn't enrage me with its unfittingness.  He's been living on borrowed time since The Game Station (sob). 

4) That I would respond to the threat of RTD killing off Jack by becoming nervous and allying myself with the campaign. Ha!

5) That I would be into the shrine thing and connect it to the same sort of resentment/entitlement complex that seems to spur on their campaign. Absolutely not. This is the most grating assumption. First, they assume that anyone who supports the Ianto shrine also supports their campaign (not true). Second, they assume that all Ianto fans support the shrine (not true). And they assume that any other Torchwood fans would behave the same way. When it comes to the shrine, this is especially offensive, because we're getting into religion territory here. I'm not going to tell anyone what to put in their shrines or make judgments about their lack of shrines. I'm a member of a minority religion who lives deep in the Bible Belt, so I'm used to getting on with all sorts of people from Dawkins-type atheists to Pentecostalists. I won't get in your shrine business if you don't get in mine, how about that?

I complained about this in as coherent a way as I could, given Twitter's limitations. They usually RT the heck out of each other's posts, but in response, I think they rescinded some RTs on the LOOK FOR A PLACE FOR YOUR SHRINE OH JACK FANS FOR DOOM IS UPON YOU tweet, so maybe they've backed off a bit on this angle.

Comments off.


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