Mar. 7th, 2011


Mar. 7th, 2011 01:06 pm
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I'm finally watching Spartacus. Some of the sillier things:

- The splooshy oversaturated blood effect. It's like all the people on the show have hyperactive ketchup running through their veins.
- How the single most significant item and plot device on the show is... a garter belt.
- The chunky necklace plus Ugg boots plus banana hammock ensembles all the gladiators wear. And everything has a bunch of strings hanging off it.
- Kneecapitation! In slow motion!
- Everything! In slow motion!
- Wretched dialogue. And the characters are always insulting each other, but they never get much more imaginative than "you smell like poop." 

I did really like Lucy Lawless and her character and her awesome wigs. The show improved substantially as soon as she came on screen.

I can't help comparing Spartacus to Rome in very unfavorable ways. However, I'm going to keep on watching.

One reason I waited so long to watch Spartacus was that I find gladiator-themed stuff horribly, horribly grim, and I didn't know if I could take a whole show that's basically torture porn if we translated it to modern terms. But the violence on Spartacus is so cartoonish that it doesn't affect me emotionally, so that won't be a concern. I don't know if that's good or bad, really!

My last critique is that for a show that's so centered on combat, the combat sequences struck me as pointless. In the best martial arts movies, and in exciting MMA or boxing matches, you get a sense of the different fighting styles of the opponents.  In Spartacus, all the combat scenes are cut music video style; it looks slick and utterly generic. Because I don't have a sense of how the combatants are differently matched, the fights have no internal logic and are transparently predictable based on whatever the plot seems to be calling for. There's no suspense at all, especially in any fight involving Spartacus, since obviously the title character isn't going to get killed off.

I'll report back in when I finish watching Blood and Sand. I trust [ profile] heddychaa's assurances that the drama will improve. Plus, the guys are hot.


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