Mar. 14th, 2011

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Neighbors and friends have been calling me up all weekend, and I've been telling them thanks for the concern, but my relatives are OK. I'm very happy to hear that [ profile] honorh was found safe. I'm also gearing up to either bid or offer in the [ profile] help_japan  auction.

This LA Times article moved me in a good way, especially the word it ended on.

On a less happy note...

I think there's a simple rule to follow when deciding whether or not to make a monster movie joke about the situation in Japan. And by joke, I mean joke, not observation. Monster movies are a pretty integral part of modern Japanese culture (even at my remove from it, I grew up on Godzilla and Gamera) and also one of the first ways that Japanese pop culture spread internationally, so certain parallels are unavoidable. But jokes? If you're not Japanese, and you don't know enough about kaiju to even make a funny joke, just... don't.

That goes for pretty much any other awful joke, and invocations of Pearl Harbor, for complete idiots. I'm not surprised to see that sort of stuff cropping up, even though I'm actively trying to avoid it. Being Japanese-American means knowing that underneath all that "Japan is sooo cool" veneer there are still terrifyingly random spots of an atavistic hatred that refuses to see Japanese, Japanese-Americans (and all Asians in general) as differentiated human beings. We're all the same and not worth telling apart, across countries, across histories.

I don't want to take away from all the international positive responses, though. The world has come a long way in 65 years.

I'm still figuring out ways to help personally (donating to the Red Cross is a great way to start) while trying to stay balanced in my life and not get consumed by media obsession, especially about nuclear issues. My father had school friends his age that died of radiation poisoning, and in the US, I'm part of the last generation that got "kiss your ass goodbye" drills in schools. It helps that I have to concentrate on being a caregiver to my family. If I didn't have them, I'd be pretty lost right now, mentally. I'm not afraid to admit that.

Comments off. Thanks for any positive effort you are doing about Japan. And thanks for just doing "normal" fandom stuff too.
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From now I'm only going to post about positive Japan stuff on this journal, e.g. the fandom auction, ways to help and so on.

Anything else will get posted on a comm I created specifically for processing negative stuff at [ profile] akumu2011. If you would like to watch, comment or even join and post your own stuff, please go ahead. Extreme warnings for, well, awful stuff apply.


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