Mar. 25th, 2011

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I would totally sign up for [ profile] queerfest if not for my humiliating failure to fill my [ profile] dark_fest prompt. I just looked through the prompts over there, and there are some really interesting ones! Here are a few selections with my comments.

Torchwood, Mickey Smith, Mickey had to get stuck in a parallel universe to accept being bisexual; how will he react when stuck in the casual everyone-shags-everyone atmosphere of Torchwood: Cardiff?

I guess you'd have to do some sort of AU to work with this. And it would have to include Mickey/Jake angst (sob).

Torchwood, Jack, He's from the 51st century, where everything is fluid. He's genderqueer and in the future that meant he could have a procedure to make him third-sex. Now he's stuck spending the next few thousand years in a body that's defaulted to it's original male gender.

Nobody in the 21st century seems to understand that he doesn't want to be a man or a woman.

This is a bit confusing (if genderqueer means something different in the future due to technology then why would it still be called that and not something else?) but interesting!

Torchwood, Jack Harkness. Jack talks up a storm but the truth is that he's struggled with his sexuality since he was a kid -- he grew up in a culture where omnisexuality was the norm and he got stuck in a century where being non-heterosexual was punishable by jail time, so, really, is it any surprise that he's had trouble admitting that he's just plain *gay*?

My first reaction was AW HELL NO. So uncanonical. But then I realized it would be challenging, in a good way, to fill this properly.

Evil Dead Trilogy, Ash/Arthur/Sheila, Arthur was destined to marry Sheila, but when Ash entered the picture it more ways than one. Will Arthur have the courage to admit he has feelings for Ash? Can Ash even pronounce 'bisexuality?' And what about Sheila? Can two impossible men manage to find love with each other, and the same woman? Will thirteenth century Britain ever be the same?

My mind is now officially blown.

Red Dwarf, Cat, How does cat society view sexuality?

I HAVE ALWAYS ALWAYS WONDERED THIS. If this prompt gets filled, I will read it. I just hope they don't give him a barbed penis.


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