Apr. 2nd, 2011

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Ugh, I can't stand the guy. We've used him for the last couple years to do our taxes, because my husband has a very specialized home business that's difficult to handle, and this guy specializes in that business, among other things.  If not for that, I would do my own taxes.

He's definitely a good old boy, but that never bothered until last year when things sort of came to a head... and I realize it happened because I dealt with the guy by myself at tax time. He's a sexist douchebag. I cannot even begin to describe how infuriating it was. He wanted a Quicken report in a certain form, and when I asked him several normal questions about which exact form, he began talking to me as if I were a baby and saying "profit and loss statement" like "prooooofit aaaaand loooosss staaaatement".  He got me so mad I was practically banging the phone on the desk by the end of the call. I had to hang up on him. Then my husband called him back, repeated every single question I told him to ask the accountant, and the accountant answered totally normally.

To understand the context of my frustration... I HAVE A MOTHERFUCKING MBA. No, I don't go around announcing it, but I have a certain familiarity with financial terms.  And my husband barely graduated from high school. He's a genius in a lot of ways, but everyone knows I know a lot more about this accounting and computer stuff than he does. But not our accountant! My vagina basically cancels out my MBA, I guess, in his worldview. ARRRGH.

I wanted to find another accountant so bad this year, but we got so pressed for time I had to bite the bullet and say we'll use him again. This is the last year though, I swear. I just sent my husband off to his office with all the necessary documents, and instructed him that if the accountant has any questions, he is to ask my husband, so he will call me and relay them and then relay the answer back, so I minimize contact as much as possible. Because when you say things in a man-voice, they're always more accurate and smart. ARRGH AGAIN.


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