Apr. 21st, 2011

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Hell yeah. I don't believe in ghosts. In fact, I can back that statement up, sort of. In the early 90s I moved into an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that cost $300 a month, which was unheard of even back then. I had to pay an agent a large finding fee, which is typical, and it was the type of apartment that was half a hotel, and I didn't have my own bathroom, I had to share a toilet and shower down the hall with three other apartments.

Anyway, when I went to visit it the first time with the rental agent, there was police tape outside the door. The second time, the super was tearing it apart, removing dry wall and great chunks of flooring, and the apartment didn't even seem to exist yet, although they told me it would be ready to move in very soon.

I chatted with one of the other residents in the hallway, and they told me that the previous occupant had been a very elderly lady who almost never left the apartment and ordered all her groceries in. She died and it was several weeks before her neighbors realized, because of the smell. She had cats and they had started... well... doing what cats would do in that situation, although the neighbor was a lot more blunt about it.  And that was why the whole apartment had to be torn apart and reconstructed.

I went ahead and got the apartment and moved in. It worked out pretty well for me, for the time I stayed there.
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I posted a comment over at [livejournal.com profile] neo_prodigy's post of disappointment about my complicated, somewhat positive but mostly also disappointed reaction to S5. I'm a lot more excited about S6 than he is, but still. My problems boil down to: disappearing POC, LGBTQ, and lower-class characters, plus finding it ten times harder to care about Amy and Rory because unlike RTD companions, I don't see them with their families and I don't have a sense of who they are.

But I really want S6 to fix a lot of that, and I'm excited that it's going to head outside of Moffat's comfort zone (which is starting to bore me) and into a new setting. So I'm still pumped for the weekend.


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