May. 16th, 2011

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I keep on being sick. This time it's stomach problems, whether from the sinus infection, or a medication side effect. I've stopped taking one med that might be the culprit, so I hope I'll find out tomorrow. I haven't been able to write as much as I hoped and I didn't get to participate in the porn battle as much as I hoped, either, but there are some great fics that came out of it and I'll try to comment on them starting tomorrow.

I changed my mind on "Luther". The first three eps were like SVU with a trip-hop soundtrack and better than usual acting. The last three episodes were something else entirely, and much more original. Luther started acting more like Bad Lieutenant and the endings stopped being predictable in the slightest. I was actually mesmerized by the end of it. Paul McGann was really, really good.

I just watched the fifth episode of Game of Thrones. Damn, it's good. I love the stuff they're changing or adding from the book this episode, like the Loras/Renly scene. Mmmmmm chest shaving. I loved the horsecapitation scene too. That guy is so awful and scary. I remember him as one of the most chilling characters in the books.

My dad is visiting from Japan and he's sick too :-( with bronchitis. Basically, I live in a house of suffering. Sigh.

I'll probably rewatch The Doctor's Wife at some point this week with my husband, and maybe post more about it.
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I don't know what made me think of this video. I am a very disturbed person.


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