May. 17th, 2011

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When I saw The Doctor's Wife, the one thing that really bothered me at the end was the lack of concern that anyone expressed for Idris, the human. There was no attempt to find out what she would have wanted, or hints at the earlier story of her life. Things like that have a tendency to really nag at me, so I was enchanted to discover this fic, which is sort of a halfway moral fix-it: "Could Have Danced All Night" by [ profile] geonncannon.  It's short, sweet, and sad, but it made me feel a bit better afterwards.

I've been following the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case with a lot of interest. What an awful person. Our criminal justice system has a gazillion flaws but comparatively speaking it also gets a lot of things right, and I think in many other countries a case against such a powerful (psychopathic) man would never have been pursued by the police. I love the fact that they pulled his ass right off the plane and sent him to Rikers.

Last gloat, Game of Thrones related: shell-shocked homophobic fanboys on this thread getting schooled. I'll reduce the numerous conversation threads to the following essential template:

"WTF Loras and Renly are gay now?!?! That came out of nowhere. I'm shocked, I tell you!"

"Guess you didn't read the books, dumbass!" x10

"But... I don't have your special gay magic reading skills. And anyway, the show didn't have to make it such an explicit scene!"

"The straight sex scene earlier in the ep was twice as explicit and half as plotworthy. And I bet you didn't complain about the faux-lesbian sex tutorial a couple episodes ago." x10


Further down, gay subtext is referred to by the term "homo clues" at which point I had to stop reading. Still, it's nice to see that the pearl-clutchers are basically in the minority there.


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