May. 18th, 2011

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That's what I thought when I read this defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn by Bernard-Henri Levy. It's just... the worst thing ever. Levy is already a disgusting person, a conceited, sexist, racist self-righteous gasbag who runs around in unbuttoned shirts and thinks he's some kind of sex philosopher.  The fact that he and Strauss-Kahn are buddies seals my dire opinion of both.

I think this case is really affecting me because I have some direct experience with the type of mentality they represent. I have a lot of respect for France and French culture, I've been there, my mother speaks French fluently, and I've studied French culture and philosophy in graduate school, although it wasn't my area of focus.  I've had some wonderful positive experiences with French men in terms of friendliness and great conversations and so on, but I've also had some really negative ones.  There is a certain type of man there who believes they are at the top of a universal, totally logical scale of worthiness, and that people who don't understand that scale need to be shown their place. Women of a lower social class, women who aren't white -- especially women who are black -- are basically fair game in their eyes.  Honestly, I find it frighteningly easy to get inside the mind of someone like Strauss-Kahn because I've seen those fuckers in action. I used to work for a French assistant manager at a restaurant who racially and sexually harassed everybody according to that hierarchy he believed in, but there are other memories I can recall, as well, even though I'd rather not. 

Add alcohol or drugs to that mindset, and Strauss-Kahn probably thought he could get away with what he tried to do to that housekeeper. I would be quite surprised if he hasn't done it before and gotten away with it. I'm really glad that woman in France is coming forward. I'm also sad on behalf of the housekeeper, who has whole countries believing she's some kind of conspirator now, when all she is is an extremely brave and honest woman.

As an antidote to the rage I'm experiencing, I rewatched some Bernard-Henri Levy "entartages". It's not in English, but all you need to know is that Levy is such a pompous fuckhead that people regularly throw cream pies in his stupid face to bring him down a notch. 


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