Jun. 23rd, 2011

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I'm falling behind on keeping up with all this promotional activity! I'm barely managing to keep reading all of it, actually.

There's so much stuff going on in my life right now. I'm leaving my job. Rearranging finances. Working on political activities and incredibly angry about the hateful anti-immigrant climate in Georgia and in the country overall. And I'm in the home stretches of our novel, building up to an incredible climax. After a lot of careful thought we decided to drop the car chase, but we're putting in something else even more exciting.

Regular Torchwood posting will resume soon though! And I do have two comments right now about things that irritate me.

First, a lack of UK airdates. I've got my airdate, so I'm not fiending, but I feel bad for UK viewers. What the hell is going on? Whose fault is this? I'm sure everyone involved in making Torchwood wants a UK airdate, as do all the fans. It's getting down to the wire. If it's some faceless bureaucrat at the BBC or beancounter at Starz responsible, they'll surely face an open floodgate of wrath if they're ever revealed!

Second, all the gay reassurances in interviews. I don't blame any one person in particular, any one questioner, or answerer, but it's just gotten kind of silly. Every interview it's "Don't worry, there will be lots of gay!" On a logical level, it's rather... obvious. I mean, it's like asking if an Underworld movie will have fights between vampires and werewolves.  RTD is the biggest gay TV writer in the English-speaking world, in terms of track record not to mention height (6'6"!) and he's writing a famous and much-loved queer character for a channel not exactly known for repressing gay content (ahem Spartacus) so the first time he said there was gonna be gay, I believed him. All signs logically point to gay. I don't need endless repetition.

Second, the repetition strikes me as a bit insulting, because GLB content shouldn't just be there, it should be good content and narratively compelling. I personally trust RTD because I think he's a good writer. But even if you hate him and don't trust him, wouldn't you still want to have a higher standard of the show?

Again, I don't think this is the fault of any one person, and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with frustration at institutionalized homophobia in entertainment, which is framing the promotion of Torchwood to a huge degree because Torchwood is such an outlier and standard-bearer.

And speaking of homophobia, I've got my fingers crossed for NY for getting marriage equality. Unfortunately, in Georgia it's not just not legal, it was specifically made illegal a couple elections ago. The only lasting solution is going to come at the federal level, because that's where so many benefits of marriage come in. In the meantime it's great that the less Republican-dominated states can fight for a measure of equality.  I am really sorry for all the couples down here in Georgia that don't have the slightest chance at it, though. And not just those couples but their children, too, who also benefit greatly from marriage equality.


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