Jun. 29th, 2011

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So I got hooked on Luther by the end of last season. Idris Elba's acting is pretty amazing. He's invented a unique body language for the character, sort of half graceful, half slouched and shambling. Alice, his sociopathic frenemy, irritated me at first but quickly won me over.  And Paul McGann is awesome whenever he shows up. The second season has been interesting so far, but it's so over the top. It's impossible to take Luther seriously as a cop show, but it takes itself so seriously, and it's shot and edited and acted so well, that I don't have any choice but to get sucked in and then have my jaw drop when they throw in the next impossibly melodramatic plot twist.

At least it's not predictable. I'll stick around as long as it stays that way, I guess.

Cut for discussion of extreme violence and mention of rape plus spoilers for whacko plot of Luther 2.3 )

And speaking of gun violence on a slightly lighter note, [livejournal.com profile] heddychaa wrote the most awesome scene-end in THH yesterday. Damn, it's exciting. It's going to make readers scream out war cries and head-butt their Kindles, so I'm just warning you all in advance.


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