Aug. 8th, 2011

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It could be months before we get any information about publication, but we've gone ahead and put up a website for the book, and we're going to be blogging semi-regularly. Check it out the beta version of our website at Knockma (there are many alternate spellings) is a real place in Ireland, like almost all of the places in the book, and if you'd like to see it for yourself that inspired us, you can explore it virtually at this link. So we decided to associate our books and stories with Knockma, even though we're not sure if the eventual title is going to remain The Hollow Hill.

We're also starting to blog steadily. Our plan is to have Writing Wednesdays, Folklore Fridays and perhaps some theme on Monday that we haven't decided on yet. Do you have any suggestions?

If you have a blog you want to promote drop us a line and we'll link you up! We're just starting to build up a thank-you list and blogroll. 

Right now we're working on the query letter, last-stage editing and bondage porn tie-in story, in roughly that order.

And let me introduce to you my pen name and scowling photo. I need to get a more professional one done at some point, I know!


Apparently I look very butch :-) But I don't want to confuse anyone on purpose. I'm a cis straight woman and not genderqueer. I've just liked to dress and present androgynously since I was a teenager. I originally starting doing it as a break from constantly getting hit on by gross men with yellow fever, and I just kept it up. Now that I don't have a corporate job I'm going back to my older clothes more.  I also like to get glammed up with lots of makeup and high heels on occasion, so it's not my 24/7 style. I used to get mistaken for a man a lot, but it doesn't bother me unless it's hostile. Anyway! Awkward explanation out of the way, I'm very excited about my new pen name and think it strikes the right balance between porny, poetic and Googleable.

Please hop over to the website, and maybe leave a comment on our blog (just go to the website and click on Author Blog). We're not going to go on a huge promotion kick yet, but we'd appreciate any feedback, comments or questions! Thanks for taking a peek!  Also, if you're on Goodreads, please friend me? You can find links on


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