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So my mom came over and we watched Torchwood together. Some opinions:

- She loves Rex

- her favorite character is Gwen, because of her lovely accent. She also likes Rhys, even though he was being very shouty this episode, because she knows he's in a tough position, having to stack up against Captain Jack.

- She forgot who the 456 were even though she saw Children of Earth. She got kind of defensive when I accused her of not paying enough attention to it. "I only saw it once!"

- She agreed with me that the music is awesome

- Her biggest problem with the plot was Oswald's threat to sue the governor personally. "You can't do that!" On second viewing, I agree, it does seem legally implausible, but I still love the way he phrases and delivers the threat.

On second viewing, I realized that Miracle Day is basically promising to be a zombie movie. The entire world has turned into zombies overnight, they just don't know it yet. How you feel about that depends on how you feel about zombie movies. I'm mostly a fan, at least when creators can use the basic framework of irrevocable human-mathematical catastrophe (zombie infection via bite/blood versus Miracle Day population mounting to collapse) to reveal interesting and new stuff about human society. I think 28 Days Later was a good example, and the original Day of the Dead movie. The genre has strengths and weaknesses like any other.


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