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- Aw, Torchwood, what do you have against Asian men?!?!?! :-(

- Oh, nothing in particular, looks like fairly equal opportunity carnage :-)

- I knew Esther would have to save Rex about five minutes in. It wasn't just Jack who was being gendered in the typically feminine role... now it's Rex. And I don't have to say what his role is here. Rex is PENETRATED BY A PEN. I just explained that to my husband and he yelled TWICE! He had to cover his eyes and scream after the first time and ask me when it was over. God that was awful. AYIYIYIYIY. I'm so glad Esther took him down. Wish she could have done it more permanently and gruesomely.

- Jack being so smoooooth. I wish they didn't have to explain that "three of us" joke though. I got it. Though I will grant, maybe those not as deeply into Torchwood porn needed the extra explanation.

- I love the relationships between men and women in this show, and how they don't have to be sexual in order to be deep. Jack and Gwen. Rex and Esther. Comrades in arms. I find it incredibly moving.

- Gwen and Rhys... I've never, ever been a Rhys fan. But tonight may have switched me over. I like how he doesn't whine or yell or second-guess her like he so often does. He just does what she says and is her awesome lieutenant. It reminded me a bit of Starbuck and Anders on BSG and I loved that dynamic so much. And now she will have to start suffering and I feel so bad for Gwen!!!

- I'm really looking forward to the flashback and the backstory.

- It was nice having a break from Oswald's awfulness, but now I expect him to be back soon being extra-evil. He will have to work hard to out-evil Maloney. That was a brilliant performance. I hated that character with the fury of Godzilla.

- I guess that was all we'll see of the Shanghai set. Perhaps that's for the best, because it was not a very good set.

- I still don't know what's going on. I love not knowing what's going. I love the experience of being along for the ride and watching live and for once the show being completely unpredictable.
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