May. 26th, 2011

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That's what I saw on a bumper sticker on a Honda Element on the way to work this morning. The word "Hell" was in red flaming letters. What an interesting message. Now I wonder if Duck and Cover works in hell!

The new promo pics from Miracle Day are awesome! I snagged a few promo-based icons from [ profile] rabecka.

THH is humming along now. We're closing on the end of Chapter 13. I'll try not to give anything away, but I'll just say that half the time I'm writing or editing with one hand over my eye saying "NOOOOOO" to myself, and IMing back and forth with [ profile] heddychaa going NOOOOO NOOOOO at each other.

One of the neatest things about concentrating on writing stuff like this is becoming aware of all the other people who are doing the same.  LJ is a fantastic support network for writers. When we put out a website for the book we are definitely going to link to everyone we know in the community.

My back is doing a lot better, and I'm off most of my meds. I suck at keeping up with my physical therapy exercises, though; I really need to work out my daily schedule better.

Here are some helpful links: donating/volunteering for survivors of the Joplin tornado (almost 100 dead) and signing a petition to demand Psychology Today apologize for the Satoshi Kanazawa article. I'll be honest, my immediate reaction when I read about the article was horror and "oh fuck I hope he's not Japanese-American". As far as I can tell, he's British, so... whew.  Off the hook. It's nice not having to share an ethnicity and nationality with such an awful person! But anyway, Psychology Today needs to apologize now, and putting pressure on them to do so just takes a few seconds at that link.
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Awesome supposedly non-spoilery review, except, of course, for the failure to properly spell "bisexual". Seems fairly balanced. Loved it. Waiting for someone to post to [ profile] tw_gleeclub for first discussion.


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