Jun. 9th, 2011

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Well the last couple days have been a scramble to find all the cool one-minute character videos for Miracle Day. Here they are all together:

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I'd also like to make a quick brag about writing. We're at the end of Chapter 16, with four more chapters left to write, maybe five. Completing the rough draft by the end of June seems likely. Right now, we're making some final decisions and tweaking the end a little bit. We're also starting to think about promotion. There are tons of book events in the Atlanta area in the late summer I can promote at, including D*C. [livejournal.com profile] heddychaa is a bit more geographically limited, but then again, she can always pop over to Ireland and sell it to enough in-laws to make a profit ;-)  Anyway, the sooner we get it written the better, although we're also going to take a lot of care at the final editing stage and not cut any corners.  I'm already practicing trying to "sell" the book by talking about it to a few people face-to-face. It's not easy for me; I'm not a natural seller or self-promoter, but I'm going to keep working hard at it, and I'm 100% determined to adequately represent how special this book is. It is not "just another romance." It is THE romance, and also more: an adrenaline-laced adventure story, a mystery, a study in history and belonging and ethnic identity.  [livejournal.com profile] heddychaa 's excerpt series has been a fantastic success so far, and a lot of her f-list are pretty worked up about the book already.


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